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Plantronics CS55 Wireless Headset System

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Part Number: 69700-06

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  • This product has been discontinued.

    Upgrade to the new Plantronics CS540 wireless headset system!

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This product has been discontinued.

Upgrade to the new Plantronics CS540 wireless headset system!

Upgrade to the newPlantronics CS540 wireless headset system!

 Lightest DECTwireless headset on the market
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The Plantronics CS55 wireless headset system combines the clarity of traditional corded technology with the mobility of wireless, so employees can move around the office to wherever business takes them without interrupting or missing a call. Continuing our tradition as a technology leader, Plantronics presents CS55 wireless headset as the first headset in the United States to implement 1.9GHz UPCS voice-dedicated wireless technology.

Product Features:

  • Mobile multi-taskingconferring with colleagues, walking to the printer, pouring a cup of coffeeneed not interrupt important calls up to 300 feet from a desk phone.
  • The Plantronics CS55 wireless headset gives workers 10 hours of unencumbered talk time and the option of remote answering*, so they never miss calls when away from the workstation.
  • An extended boom and noise-canceling microphone filter out background sounds for heightened speech clarity.
  • Delivers the audio quality of corded handsetswithout the tether.
  • The clear audio leader: the Plantronics CS55 wireless headset is the first headset in the U.S. to offer voice-dedicated 1.9 GHz DECT wireless technology.
  • Reduce the wait: battery recharges in three hours

Plantronics CS55 wireless headset testimonial

The CS55 - The Best Insurance

For over 40 years, Plantronics has been the world leader in communications headsets. In establishing our leadership position, we've employed a wide array of technologies and applications to deliver hands-free comfort and convenience in the office, at home and on the go. We also pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of wireless solutions to fit every user's need. These case studies will help you explore the different capabilities of Plantronics wireless products and decide which one is right for you.

Ever wish you could be two places at onceYou may just get that opportunity once you start using the Plantronics CS55 wireless headset system. In fact, that's the feedback we got from Marlene, a very busy administrative assistant in an insurance office. Marlene has been answering phones longer than most of us she's been working for the same two insurance agents for 22 years so she should know a thing or two about making her job easier.

Marlene spends a lot of time on the phone, but she also spends a lot of time on the run. She needs to be able to move around her office and answer calls at the same time. She's constantly sprinting to the copy machine or taking applications up to the front desk, while also setting up appointments with clients. How is this possibleShe simply wears her CS55 headset and answers incoming calls with the touch of a button, no matter where she is;even if she's 300 feet down the hall from her desk.

No Longer a Pain in the Neck
Marlene is not only able to answer calls more effectively, she immediately noticed another difference once she started using the CS55. She used to answer the phone the old-fashioned way, by lifting up the receiver on her desk. She'd cradle the phone between her neck and shoulder and switch from one ear to the other. But after a few hours, you can imagine the muscle tension she felt.

The CS55 alleviated her muscle pain. Now she doesn't even take off her headset except when she goes to lunch. She can walk into the filing room to pull a customer file without having to put the person on hold. And she's able to pick up a call with a push of a button because she has the CS55's accessory handset lifter, which picks up her desk phone handset when a call comes in.

The Envy of the Office
Marlene says the first time she wore her CS55, she got some funny looks from her office mates. But now that they've seen her in action, she's "the envy of the office"! Her two bosses think it's an excellent way to keep in touch with her;since they're often out of the office on appointments, Marlene can pick up their calls wherever she is, avoiding voicemail "tag."

The CS55 has many other advantages in Marlene's busy schedule. Take the noise-canceling technology, for example. Even when she's using the copy machine, her callers hear her loud and clear. Comfort is also key for her;since the CS55 comes with a choice of a headband and three earloop sizes, she found an option that fits comfortably for her. She hardly notices she's wearing the headset, and she doesn't even need to remove her earrings. And because she does double duty as the IT guru of the office, she can load software on every PC while talking to tech support. "The other day," she explained, "I had three computers going at once with the support person on the line." Try that with a corded phone!

No Turning Back
Like others who have gone wireless, Marlene agrees she could never go back to a regular phone. She says the biggest plus is being free to walk around and do other tasks without being afraid of missing an important call. In her profession, every call is critical, and Marlene no longer feels chained to her desk. She says, "My bosses are thrilled because now I'm always available. I'd be lost without this;I want to get one for home too!"

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CS50, CS60 & CS55: Reset

Question How do I reset my CS50, CS60 or CS55?


NOTE: Before re-subscribing the system make sure the IntelliStand switch (on the right side of the charging base) is in the "_" position and NOT the "=" position.

1. Press both the call control button and the listening volume/mute button for 5 seconds. When the indicator light blinks release both buttons.

2. Press the call control button again. The talk indicator light will again blink briefly to indicate the headset is back to normal.

3. Disconnect the AC charger from the AC charging jack for 5 seconds.

4. Reconnect

CS50, CS60 & CS55: No Dial Tone


CS50, CS60 & CS55: No Dial Tone. What should I do?


Check to make sure that the unit is installed correctly. Illustrated instructions are included in the User's Guide, attached below.

Make sure you are within the 300 ft. range of the base unit.

Make sure the headset is fully charged. When you put the headset in the charging base, a solid amber light indicates a full charge. A blinking amber light indicates a partial charge.

Make sure the configuration dial on the left side of the base is on the correct setting. (Your setting will be the number in the 3 o'clock position, next to the grooves in the plastic.) Most phones use setting 1, but you may need to try other settings depending on the model of your phone. Refer to our compatibility guide on line to see what switch setting you phone requires.

 Make sure the volume settings are set correctly. Recommended settings are "B" on the bottom of the base, and "2" on the back of the base. If you need to adjust your volume settings, Click Here to view the volume settings

Make sure your hand receiver is off the hook when using the headset. Also check that you hear a dial tone on the handset/hand receiver before turning onthe headset.

If you cannot get a dial tone on your hand receiver, then there will be no dial tone on the headset. In this case, unplug the hand receiver from the base and then plug it back in. Make sure that you push the cable all the way into the jack and hear it click into place.

CS50, CS60 & CS55: Settings

Question What are all the different settings on the CS50, CS60 & CS55?


The unit has both transmit (how you are heard) and Receive (how you hear) controls.

The Master Transmit controls are the ABCD switch settings on the bottom of the base. A is the lowest and D is the highest setting.

You can fine tune this setting with the Plus (+) and minus (-) buttons on the back of the base that are above and below the picture of the microphone.

The Master Receive setting is on the back of the base (below the picture of the microphone) there is a 1234 switch 1 being the highest setting and 4 being the lowest setting.

You can fine tune this setting by using the volume control on the headset itself. This is the + and - buttons on the headset itself above the microphone. There is also a mute switch below the microphone.

There are also configuration settings on the left hand side of the base. This is a dark gray dial with a 1234 on it. There are notches to the right of this dial. Whatever number is lined up with the notches it what setting you are on. This needs to be set to the clearest setting.

There is a silver button on the headset itself which is your "Talk button. This is what you press to use the headset and or transfer the call from the headset back to the hand receiver.

There is also a switch on the right hand side of the base which is your the IntelliStand feature. When the headset is used in conjunction with the handset lifer you can enable the IntelliStand feature. The IntelliStand feature senses when the headset has been removed or placed into the Supra Plus Wireless base unit which automatically activates the Handset Lifter and enabling headset/handset mode to answer or end the call.

There is a switch towards the bottom on the right side of the base unit that will switch the IntelliStand feature On and Off.

CS50, CS60 & CS55: Resubscribe


How do I re-subscribe the CS50, CS60 & CS55 headset to the charging base?


NOTE: Before re-subscribing the system, make sure the IntelliStand switch (on the right side of the charging base) is in the "_" position and NOT the "=" position.

To Re-Subscribe:

 The headset and the base unit are supplied subscribed to each other. However, if you wish to use a replacement headset with the base unit (or if you lose your connection to the base unit), then you must re-subscribe as follows:

 1. Return the headset to the charging base.

2. Press and hold both the + and - buttons on the back of the charging base until the red light on the front of the base starts to flash.

3. Let go of both buttons. The red light should continue to flash.

4. Press the mute switch (black wheel on the top of the headset) straight down until a green light appears on the headset, then let go of the wheel, and the light should remain on the headset.

 5. Disconnect the AC power adapter from the bottom of the base unit for 5 seconds, then reconnect it.

6. Resubscription is finished when the red light on the base is fully illuminated and the green light on the headset disappears. 

7. Remove the headset from the charging base, and press the talk button. The headset and base should now be connected.

8. If this procedure does not resolve your issue to try a system reset.

NOTE: Before re-subscribing the system make sure the IntelliStand switch (on the right side of the charging base) is in the "_" position and NOT the "=" position.

Manufacturer  :   Plantronics
Headset Type  :   Wireless (DECT)
Connection  :   RJ9 Modular
Wearing Style  :   Ear-hook
Wearing Style  :   Neckband
Ear Cushion Type  :   Leatherette
Microphone Type  :   Directional
Microphone Arm Type  :   Fixed
Noise Cancelling Microphone  :   High
Noise Cancelling Headphones  :   None
Remote Answering  :   Optional
Remote Answering  :   Optional
Audio Frequency Response  :   Narrowband
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)  :   No
Hearing RMS Protection  :   No
Hearing RMS Protection  :   No
Warranty  :   1 Year
Recommended Use  :   Office
UC Platform  :   N/A
Encryption  :   64bit
Replaceable Battery  :   Yes
Charger  :   AC Power
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