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Jabra Engage 55 Mono- Wireless Headset - USB-C Connection - Teams Version

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  • Engage 55 is a game-changer for those immersed in calls and virtual meetings, offering an extensive wireless range for free movement up to 150 meters. Its noise-canceling microphone and optimized speech clarity ensure professional-grade conversations, no matter the surroundings. With easy USB connectivity and long-lasting battery life, Engage 55 guarantees seamless communication and enhanced focus, making it the ultimate headset for both home and office use.


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Have better conversations, both at home and in the office, with Engage 55! This intuitive headset is designed for those who spend most of their day in calls or virtual meetings, ensuring you stay connected and professional, no matter where you are.

Wireless Range - Free Range: Move freely up to 150 meters from your computer with Engage 55's compact USB DECT adapter. Whether you're in the office or grabbing a coffee, your connection stays strong and secure. Embrace the freedom to stay productive while on the move.

DECT Wireless - Power, Range, Security: Engage 55's DECT wireless technology provides a clear and robust connection, even in busy office environments. Enjoy a range up to 15 times longer than a typical Class 2 Bluetooth device, ensuring you never miss a word in critical conversations.

Professional-Grade Conversations: Stay focused and be heard with Engage 55's noise-canceling microphone. Block out background noise, optimize speech clarity, and experience wideband audio for crystal-clear, natural-sounding calls. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to more engaging conversations.

Easy USB Connectivity - Coffee to Call in Seconds: Simply plug in the pre-paired USB DECT adapter, and you're ready to go! Engage 55 offers seamless single-connectivity to your computer, ensuring hassle-free setup and instant readiness for your important calls.

Durable Adapter - As Flexible as Your Schedule: Perfect for hot desking or transitioning between home and the office, Engage 55's durable adapter is built to withstand your dynamic work life. Its flexible design reduces the risk of damage, providing reliability no matter where you work.

Lightweight Comfort - Long-Day-Proof: No more discomfort during prolonged calls. Engage 55's lightweight design with low clamping force ensures a comfortable fit, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - the conversation at hand.

Sidetone - It's Oh So Quiet: Maintain the perfect volume during calls with adjustable Sidetone. Engage 55 lets you hear your own voice in your speakers, helping you regulate your speech volume and reduce conversation fatigue.

Busylight - Protect Your Focus: Minimize interruptions with Engage 55's built-in busylight. When on a call, the red light signals "do not disturb" mode to keep distractions at bay, allowing you to concentrate on your conversations.

Battery and Charging - Ready When You Are: Experience long battery life and in-call charging to ensure you never drop a call unexpectedly. Stay connected and ready to talk whenever you need to.

Upgrade your conversations with Engage 55 and enjoy enhanced clarity, freedom, and comfort for your daily calls. Elevate your communication experience today!

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