Salesforce teams with Google — And it’s Awesome!

Partway through the opening day of the Dreamforce 2017 Conference for CRM and CX, Google and conference-host, Salesforce, announced an exciting partnership. Specifically, this partnership requires Salesforce to use Google’s Could Platform as the engine for their international expansion & campaign. In return, Salesforce will integrate Google’s G Suite services with their CRM & team management platform. Note: this will not affect the existing partnership that Salesforce has with Microsoft and all of the current Office 365 integration will remain intact. In fact, this partnership should only prove to benefit Salesforce users. It introduces the ability to choose between arguably the two most advanced and popular cloud office platforms to use with your Salesforce. Atop the G Suite integrations, the companies also announced integration with the Google Analytics 360 suite. This data-inspired integration will add a new layer of depth to Salesforce’s existing CRM. Another benefit of this partnership is that ‘eligible businesses’ will be given access to Google’s productivity software for one year, at no cost. What is still unclear is how exactly Salesforce plans to use Google Cloud. Salesforce is currently using Amazon Web Services to host a number of services. Will users be given a choice between GCE and AWS, or will Salesforce make this decision for you? Hopefully we’ll find out soon. This partnership is still in its early phases. Expect several changes & updates before the effects of the partnership are introduced to the Salesforce userbase.

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