Konftel’s Unite Adapter for 300Wx and 300Mx Conference Phones

The trend toward mobile, especially in the conference room, inspired Konftel’s Unite app. The app is available for iOS and android. It gives your conference phone access to your mobile phone’s contact and calendars. This unifies your conferencing experience and ends the era of manually entering numbers into the device. In the past, the app has only been available to benefited users of Konftel’s 300IPx conferencing units. Now, Konftel has created an adapter that enables use with their 300Mx and 300Wx devices. They are even giving it away for free; register here to receive a complimentary adapter for your Konftel 300Wx or 300Mx. The adapter looks like an SD card and is inserted into the unit’s SD card slot. It extends your conference phone with the required tech to establish a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection between the conference phone and the Unite app on your smartphone. Over this Bluetooth connection information such as contacts and calendars are shared to your conference phone, thus allowing you to start conferences by asking your phone to call a specific person; you no longer have to look up a number on your phone and manually enter it into the conference phone. Additional app features include joining conference calls and controlling your conference phone from within the Konftel Unite app.


Konftel created this app to support their concept of ‘One Touch Conferencing’. This is, quite literally, the idea of starting a conference with a single touch. Konftel has more information about their One Touch Conferencing paradigm here.

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