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Vxi UC Proset 21V Binaural headset with Noise-cancelling microphone

$153.23 USD
Our Price: $122.43 USD
Part Number: 203055

Quick overview

  • "Best in class" headset featuring superior comfort, durability, sound quality, and microphone.


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VXI UC Proset 21V is compatible with VXI Everon only.

The difference is obvious before you even put it on. And when you experience its wideband audio and superior noise canceling, and feel how comfortable it is, you"?ll understand that the VXi UC ProSet isn"?t just "best in class, it"?s in a class by itself. Its UC-ready design will save you money, too. Whether you already have a Unified Communications system in place, or are weighing your options. The best headset investment you can make, the VXi UC ProSet delivers the kind of performance and value you can only get from VXi.

Why Wideband Audio?

In simple terms, wideband audio means a higher quality of voice transmission. Wideband audio transmits a much fuller range of frequencies than traditional telephone transmissions, for a clearer, more natural sound. So wideband audio is easier to understand, which means fewer misunderstandings, shorter calls and happier customers. It also allows users to concentrate on what"?s being said, instead of straining to decipher unclear words or muffled voices. The ultimate benefits are increased productivity, less fatigueand more satisfied customers.

Product benefits

  • Wideband audio and advanced noise canceling provide consistently clear, natural sound.
  • Smart, ergonomic design is comfortable and stays put, so users spend time working, not constantly adjusting their headsets
  • Leading-edge technology maximizes Unified Communications potential.
  • High quality materials and construction means it"?s built to last and last, even when used all day, every day
  • Compatibility with VXi, Plantronics and GN Netcom/Jabra equipment means you can keep on using your existing amplifiers and direct connect cords.
  • 2 year warranty
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